Meet Jo

Jo welcomes you to her B&B in Fismes, near Reims

‘Meet Jo and you’ll never forget her’

As the daughter of a Flemish-Spanish entrepreneurial couple, it was an obvious thing for Jo to start doing her own business. For years, she successfully ran several restaurants simultaneously (including La Pineta in Sint-Martens-Latem and Sint-Genesius-Rode). Customers worshipped her for her customer-oriented and service-driven approach.

Her innate talent for languages was continuously stimulated from her early childhood, as Dutch, French, Spanish and Catalan were spoken at home. So learning English during humanities was literally a piece of cake for the restaurateur-to-be.

Jo is a versatile lady. She has a heart for people and great empathy. She can be flamboyant when the situation lends itself to it and take a whole company in tow, but she can also listen in a reserved and serene way when someone needs it.

Meet Jo and you will never forget her because she will make your stay at the ‘Manoir François du Tilleul’ an unforgettable event.

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